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Dancing Ball World MOD APK 1.0.9


Dancing Ball World Mod apk, From the creators of Dancing Line comes a one-touch arcade music game, Dancing Ball! Featuring a distinctive soundtrack, and design, each level is a unique musical journey and challenge!


  • Multiple levels – each with an original musical piece and atmosphere
  • Addicting rhythm-based gameplay – listen to the music, tap to avoid obstacles!
  • Exciting original soundtrack – discover catchy, memorable tunes
  • Play for the challenge or to relax – the first levels are a peaceful experience, the later ones require reflexes and skills!
  • Free to play – all of the levels and challenges are available through normal gameplay


Each level is a maze built before your eyes. To anticipate what’s coming next and be able to react to its twist and turns you have to listen carefully to the music. The rhythm of the melody is key to everything that happens in the game.

Levels are also designed to tell their own stories. Painted in a distinct graphical style, they allow you to visit and explore multiple different environments. Swim near the bottom of an ocean, fight for survival on a tropical island, take a tour of an ancient castle, navigating its walls and making sure not to hit the floor. Feel the Siberian climate of the Winter level.

The later levels, where you get to venture into lava-filled tunnels and dangerous caves will be the ultimate test of your skills and reflexes! With time and training, you’ll be able to crush all of them!


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Dancing Ball World Mod Apk

Dancing Ball World Mod Apk

Version: 1.0.9
File Size: 88MB
App updated: 26-12-2018
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Dancing Ball World Mod Apk 1.0.9 :

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