Lucky Patcher MOD APK 8.0.8


Lucky Patcher MOD APK Android users always get annoyed with an excessive advertisement. Lucky Patcher mod apk is an App which will help a user to delete excessive advertisement, change permissions, to create the backup of other apps and much more.

In this advanced world, everyone wants to perform the tasks in their own manner. Customization has become a necessity today.

In this today’s miraculous time, there is nothing which is impossible. Lucky Patcher is all there to amaze you by giving you freedom of living in your own world. You can easily manipulate the apps in your own way, which will include:

It gives users real control over the permissions one is given to app installation on Android. It is a powerful tool for removing ads and License verification from apps and games.

It is not designed for cracking purposes, but it offers a series of features to manipulate apps and might be a great help in some certain situations. It analyzes the list of apps installed on your device and indicates the action you can carry out.

To use Lucky Patcher, here are some steps to follow:

  • Firstly, install the Lucky Patcher
  • After installation, you will be directed to a list of all the installed apps on your device.
  • With the list, you will get the icons of actions that you can do with that app.
  • You will get a color code, which will indicate the compatibility of changes in your device. This coding contains six colors, which are;
    • Yellow: Availability of specific patch
    • Green: Registration & disconnection from the Google play can be done
    • Blue: Indication of Google ads
    • Orange: App of system
    • Purple: App for start up of system
    • Red: No modifications can be done

In this way, you can use it in a very convenient manner & do changes as required.


  • Replaced icon in Pixel style
  • Languages English, Russian, Italian and Polish
  • Material styles added for Android 5.x and above
  • Added a large database of patches
Lucky Patcher MOD APK

Version: 8.0.8
File Size: 8MB
App updated: 18-12-2018
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Lucky Patcher Mod Apk 8.0.8 :

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