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My Diggy Dog MOD APK 2.330


My Diggy Dog Mod ApkHere is My Diggy Dog mod apk.Once upon a time the dog Marty and his master traveled around the world in search of treasures and rare artifacts. But, unfortunately, the years have taken their toll, and Marty’s master quit adventuring before he was able to collect all of the artifacts that he dreamed of finding.

Yet Marty, being an infinitely faithful and loyal friend, is not the type of dog to let his master give up. He wants to do everything to make his master happy, so he decides to go hunting for treasure alone, taking all of the necessary equipment with him.

In setting off on this adventure, you will experience:

  • The fascinating story of an adventuring dog
  • Hundreds of meters of underground passages that are teeming with treasures waiting to be discovered
  • Colorful graphics and great comics
  • Many gadgets and other items that can help you to achieve goals
  • Dozens of artifacts that are waiting to be found and added to your collection
  • Story line and assignments from characters
  • Underground dangers that Marty will have to overcome

Delve into the game and help Marty search for ancient artifacts


  • Mod Money
My Diggy Dog Mod Apk

My Diggy Dog Mod Apk

Version: 2.330
File Size: 69MB
App updated: 7-12-2018
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My Diggy Dog Mod Apk 2.330:

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