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Sling Kong Mod Apk 3.10.1


Sling Kong Mod ApkSling Kong Mod Apk, Sling, bounce and swing your Kong to glory, but watch out for all manner of dastardly traps and obstacles. Go up, and up, and up until there’s no more up to go, or else meet your hilarious end!

Join Chimp, Pig, Jellyfish and over 140 other crazy and colorful characters as you challenge your friends to become the best Kong Slinger around.

Now you can even take a selfie and create your very own Kong! Create Kongs of your friends and family and dress them up with fun accessories! There are thousands of combinations!

Have you at any point thought gorillas were adorable? It was somewhat of a questionable point when we initially heard the name of this amusement “Sling Kong”. Some way or another we never envisioned a gorilla to be so charming.

Sling Kong is an amusement loaded with tubby round creatures with surprisingly stretchy arms. The point of the amusement is to slingshot your way up a trap plagued track keeping in mind the end goal to gather coins and beat your high score. Every checkpoint your creature can lock onto just keeps going just a specific measure of time meaning you need to move moderately rapidly so as to abstain from tumbling to your passing.

In spite of the fact that the creatures are charming, the stages are adorable, the sound impacts are charming and even the coins are charming, the traps are most certainly not! Bandsaws, fire hurlers, and gigantic crushing rock columns always anticipate your player. By one means or another these things look much scarier in light of the fact that they too are charming! Truly, a charming bandsaw is in reality entirely unnerving…

In the wake of testing this amusement for a really long time (we had a considerable measure of fun) we found soon enough exactly how hard this diversion is. Despite the fact that without really playing the amusement numbers are about useless, we genuinely attempted to cross the 200 line. At last we just figured out how to do it once utilizing a lift…


  • Unlimited Money

Sling Kong Mod Apk

Version: 3.10.1
File Size: 65.6Mb
App updated: 8-7-2018
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Sling Kong Mod Apk 3.10.1 :

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